SIJ Day 22
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 22

Well what can I say, work brought me to Las Vegas this evening so I asked our driver that was taking me and my crew to airport if he'd stop by this famous sign just for SIJ.
To single out that sign aganist a night sky, with all the lights and glitz of vegas not seen is nice.
NOTE: Left comment on your unasked RV question under my last SIJ post.
I thought you were trying to get to Georgia?!

Love this one, Duane - as it has been said, it's an iconic Las Vegas image from the Rat Pack days, I'd think.

Beautifully done! I'm glad you didn't stop en route to the airport.:wink:
Well BBW I did get to Georgia just so I could fly to Phoenix then on to Vegas. I'm now leaving the hotel to catch an airline flight La Guardia so I can do a trip to Zurich on Tuesday night and end up in Paris on Wednesday morning for a return trip from Paris to White Plains on Thurs. I go home Friday and pack my camping gear for a one night camp out with our Boy Scout troop on Saturday night.

Then I have this SIJ I'm doing ;)!
great exposure. I hope they never get rid of this classic for a new one. That would really bum me out.

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