SIJ Day 23- Crooked corner

SIJ Day 23- Crooked corner

Used my Alternate here, very clean night shots with the XZ
It's like we are on a journey with you driving us thru the nite, no idea where we are going, but I am enjoying the ride.
thanks again all, this also on Ann Arbor RD, a few blocks down from the Crosses. Look on the right, see the pink lights.
its 2am and there is an Escalade SUV with pink neon trim on the bumper and wheel rims.
I noticed that after I posted this here...
You are the night owl... Well, you have Phoenix to keep you company in here as a night shooter, too.

Pest Control...and that leaning set of outdoor lights... I can hear the we're riding around...the narration voice over.. For some reason though this is definitely not where Taxi Driver was filmed..I get that same unnerving feeling.
Really easing into this style of yours Lili. You have a thing that you do with yellows in a frame that I love.

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