SIJ - Day 23  Delivering winter fuel
Another neighbour has her fuel delivered. You guys are going to think my village is a hot bed of "street" photography. Let me see, the dustbin men are here tomorrow, then maybe John Hannaford the butcher will be here on Wednesday, otherwise I'll have to wait until he is here on Saturday.
This guy was another willing subject, readily agreeing to be photographed.
PS, how could I forget Chris the postman, he's here 6 days a week!
The working man, mostly missed in "street" photography. I like the captured moment. What is in the bags for fuel?
Steve, It will be coal of some kind, I think she's got something like an Aga (a kind of heating and cooking range). Has her coal delivered weekly whereas I usually have one delivery a year.
Bill, I certainly feel a series coming on covering the local villages and the towns of Kingsbridge and Salcombe. More likely to use my Voigtlander 15mm or Panasonic 20mm, but at least I'm beginning to understand what this lens can do.

Barrie, I'm excited for you...and for myself to be able to see more of what day to day life is like. We are in such different worlds.

These photographs that you've begun to make are going to tell a story...and your town or your county would probably love to see them in an exhibition down the line... Just thinking out loud here.:wink:
great documentary shot and excellent composition. I'm enjoying visiting your world through these shots. Very cool!
Nice story, Barrie, glad these people arent minding you shooting them :) Can't wait to see your villages. I just love British villages (never been in one, I blame Midsomer Murders and Miss Marple)
Sue, we've only got one unsolved murder locally, less than 1 mile away involving 3 bodies, but it was in 1932 so I wouldn't get too worried.
Again Barrie I am really enjoying your Village Life series - both the images and the text. This is the life that is fading in each of our countries and, I for one, would love to see it documented and preserved. Maybe a photobook to be sold at your local general store?

Love the motion and vigour of this shot.

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