SIJ - Day 23: Detail - Stairwell, Yale Museum of Art.

SIJ - Day 23: Detail - Stairwell, Yale Museum of Art.

Stairwell, Yale Museum of Art. Architect: Louis Kahn, built between 1951 and 1953. The Yale University Art Gallery was the first significant commission of Louis Kahn and his first masterpiece, replete with technical innovations. For example, he designed a hollow concrete tetrahedral space-frame that did away with the need for ductwork and reduced the floor-to-floor height by channeling air through the structure itself. Like many of Kahn's buildings, the Art Gallery makes subtle references to its context while overtly rejecting any historical style.

Here we see the stairwell, which is installed in a round concrete shaft, but is triangular. I will follow up later with a little more on this stairwell. Louis Kahn's last significant work is the Yale British Center which also has a stairwell installed in a concrete shaft.

People are not supposed to have cameras in this building. This was, unlike many of my photos, a complete outlaw job.

I had some issues getting my past couple of days processed. Sorry so late.
Your picture stories are excelent. You have given a glimps of a large part of the reason for such expensive cost of education.
when I hear that there are buildings where cameras are not allowed, I just want to go in and shoot them. I can understand instances where flash photography is verboten, but do they realize that most people are carrying cameras around in their pockets all the time now? Even my crapola 3 year old phone takes photos. (end of rant)

AWESOME photo. Thanks for sneaking a proper camera in!
Actually Luke, it is the flash photography that is verboten and they have simply had so many people ignore it, that they simply banned photography. You have to check your bag.

In my case, my E-PL3 and 9-18mm fit easily in a coat pocket. I snuck around and was eventually caught by a security guard. She smiled and said, OK, OK, but keep it in your coat if you come onto any of the floors proper.

Interesting that at the British Center across the street, they allow photography and flash photography at that. There is one floor where they do not allow photography, but it is because this is where major collections from elsewhere come through and it is more a revenue thing than anything... they don't want people circulating pictures of things, they want them paying to see the exhibits...

I once requested access and they even gave me a security detail. Interesting that my pictures came out better this time than that.
Love, love, love it!

Hogwards meets Escher and comes to Yale.:wink:

Seriously beautiful, Seaain!

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