SIJ Day#23 - X100 through the viewfinder

SIJ Day#23 - X100 through the viewfinder

If this image confuses you a bit, allow me to explain. TtV photography (Through the Viewfinder) is a microniche of photography that I just LOVE. It brings me back to when I was first interested in photography. Basically, you just take your modern digital camera and shoot "Through the Viewfinder" of an old film camera (or digital camera.....but where is the fun in that?)

The first time I saw some of these shots, I flashed back to my youth in the 70s when a camera in our household meant a crappy 110 instamatic. Then I found this funky old 50s camera in a drawer. I don't recall now if it was broken or it was hard to get film for it or just why it wasn't being used. But I started walking around the house with it slung over my neck and I pressed the shutter release and was "taking photos" (despite the face that there was no film in it).

I don't remember the brand, but it had a waist-level viewfinder. And the strange thing about it is that everything was reversed because of the mirror used.

Once I found out that there was a group of people who were shooting through the viewfinder, I had to try it out. I found a guy who was selling off a bunch of old camera gear and he had 3 old Kodak Duaflex's in a box that he wanted $15 for. I went and bought them and rushed home quite excited to have 3 new toys to play with.

more info (and photos) to follow in the comments.....
What a great image Luke and thanks for the explanation. For a moment I thought it was the mythical left-handed 001X.
If this image has you wondering what some others might look like (much better than my hasty shot), head over to this flickr pool that is full to the brim with them.....

Sorry for the distracting background. I shouldn't have set this up in front of that messy desk. I also should have brought out "the contraption" so I could shoot it without the glare from the ground glass viewfinder. What is a contraption you ask? Well, the glass viewfinder is convex and always throws off some glare, so the people who are true maniacs build contraptions to put their "bottom" camera into. (The bottom is the old analog camera with the viewfinder that you will shoot through). Here's a crude photo of my contraption.....

the contraption.... version 1 by Lukinosity, on Flickr

see the twin lenses of the bottom camera peeking through the wine box (just used to block out the light).....and then "top" camera (the modern digital.....a Panasonic in this instance) aimed down to shoot through the viewfinder located on the top of the bottom camera. I know it sounds confusing, but that's part of the fun. To see some truly inspiring "contraptions" check out this thread on flickr from the TtV group on flickr.....

If you're still unclear what you are looking at in the main photo, here's is what I shot before the crop so you can see more of the bottom camera and get a little bit of context....

through the viewfinder by Lukinosity, on Flickr

Hope you enjoyed your introduction to TtV photography. Btw, if any of you are keen to try it out, just hit some rummage sales or your local thrift store. There's loads of cameras waiting to be saved from the landfill. If you don't feel like hunting, I have a few extra I'd be willing to sell. $5 + shipping.

Duaflex, Duaflex II, and Duaflex III (with flash) by Lukinosity, on Flickr

I'm much too lazy to do this, I think, but I think your image for today is absolutely great!

A new classic! I really do like this very much.

I'm still thinking about you walking around taking photos with no film.;)

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