SIJ - Day 24   Derelict Barn (1st floor)
Today there are times when curtains of rain are sweeping across the fields, so a sheltered shot was called for. This is the 1st floor of the derelict barn featured on day 16.
This shot was obtained through a missing plank in the door at the end of the barn, the camera was inside on the rising column of my Benbo tripod, hence in the dry whilst I was outside exposed to the vagaries of the weather.
This shot was best obtained on a dull day and in the morning due to the volume of light flooding through the hole in the wall on the right hand side, the contrast range was as extreme as the camera could manage with an exposure time of 1.6 seconds.
I appreciated hearing the "how" of the shot. I love the dedication that leaves people standing out in the rain while the camera is dry!
Looks like a great space. There was a time you would have had to push past a crowd of prospective property developers to catch a shot like this. Well captured.
Barrie, I am so impressed by your determination and dedication to this SIJ!! It's also a pretty amazing story...pushing your camera up through a hole while on a tripod and all the rest - wow! Good for you for even thinking of this, let alone getting this unusual view!
Great composition Barrie with a strong use of lines. The tones are fabulous as is the lighting. I am still left wondering how (and why) the rocks are in here?

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