SIJ Day#24 - His face froze like that

SIJ Day#24 - His face froze like that

When I was a little boy, I liked to make funny faces at cute girls or strangers in the car behind us or people at church or pretty much anyone. I was a typical little boy full of mischief. My grandma used to say......"What if your face froze like that?"

Fast forward 30+ years and it's a BRISK January morning and the winds are HOWLING out of the north. I'm taking the dogs on their morning walk and as I get closer to home, I realize that I must look like a maniac. Because I am grimacing from the cold WHILE I'm smiling (because I LOVE walking the dogs). I decide that THIS will be my SiJ shot. I will walk into the house, and keep this look on my face and grab my camera for the bathroom mirror self-portrait.

I know I'm no Brad Pitt (or Cary Grant for the older generation), but this is still not a flattering shot. But I just wasn't in the mood to shoot anymore. So I took the rest of the day off of shooting.
I think this is wonderful, Luke!

Flattering or not, this image has got a lot of here and now (then and there) - feeling - the fact that it's crookedly framed emphasizes the immediacy of the whole thing.

You're a good dog father. I love to walk with my dog, too...even when there's a blizzard.:2thumbs:
Mate the photo and the text just had my belly aching. PURE GOLD!!! :rofl:

Sorry mate I'd like to tell you that you've understated your rugged good looks but you'd see right through it right? Well then I'll instead complement you on the exquisite turn of your right nostril :thumbsup:

Great selfie mate. I might see if I can't pluck up the courage to do the same....then good luck finding a single enduring feature to say something nice about :wink:
You make me laugh ... though if I seen you coming towards me on the street looking like this, I'd probably cross to the other side! :)
Great self portrait, I do love the tones in this image. I have to say though the short tale behind this image got me laughing a fair bit :rofl:

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