SIJ - Day 24

SIJ - Day 24

The highlight for me of living where we live - access to the water, specifically Long Island Sound.

My dog and I went down for a walk in the later afternoon today... We are looking towards Playland Amusement Park...which was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

I decided to use Snapseed 4 Mac for this one to see how I liked it - and I did. Maybe you will, too.
a magnum opus, love the composition, the sky, sharpness, every thing
This is a lovely shot BB. Snapseed has done nicely - it is a cool shot (speaking WB) that suits the mood conveyed by the shadows on the sand. Composition is spot on.
Very nice image but I have been enjoying your recent contrasty saturated look (your images, not you!)
Then as you know I am a bit of a contrast and saturation junkie

I love the thin line of interest the structure makes across the image and the subtle shadow you cast.
the only way I would like this more is if there were a shadow of the dog in there, too.
that's a great shot, love the shadows adding interest to the foreground, and the amusement park in the background, and the dramatic sky - nice processing, and indeed it's still recorgnisable as your own style!
Recognised the author immediately! Beautifully composed with interest throughout the frame. The clouds and shadows make this shot special.
BB this shot goes so well with your self-portrait - maybe as a diptych? As there's a lot of symmetry between the shapes.

To have that framed and seriously contemplative face looking at us, and then looking out over her sound.

Wow, you're using different software for PP and the look is still so BB.

Love the sweep of the shadows

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