SIJ - Day 24
[B] Broadside strokes [/B]
Just the single frame so this had to be it I'm afraid. Am I happy with it? Well not completely. But having recently re-read Freeman Patterson's "Photography and the Art of Seeing" I thought I'd try one of his Exercises in Thinking Sideways - so I intentionally broke the three cardinal rules:
"Rule 1: Always hold your camera steady.
Rule 2: Be sure the centre of interest is in sharp focus.
Rule 3: Follow you light meter."
..and this is the result.

However, he also stresses not to simply throw frames away because you don;t like them, but urges the reader to examine the frame and elements within more carefully. So I thought what better way to capitalise on this lesson than put it out and up there.

Love the richness of the color fields and the light streaking through - I really do.

I thought at first it was a sheep...

It's funny to you, perhaps, but I think most of us really do like this one quite a bit.:drinks:

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