SIJ - Day 24
My last photo for SIJ. My apologies to everyone for having really slacked off. I was going home from work, walking down to the underground garage. This is a reflection shot off one of those mirrors/reflectors placed around the corner of stairwells, so that people don't run into each other. Or may be the real reason is for the building to save money by not installing additional security cameras to cover the blind spot around the corner. Yes, I am a cynic. :)
Sorry we lost you, but you went out with your own very distinctive self portrait.

Well mate if you were to bump into someone...HARD, then yours is certainly the office block to help right that wrong :wink:

Nice selfie mate!
Nice camera bag!:biggrin:

You were a slacker, and possibly are a cynic, but we still love you Armando!

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