SIJ - Day 25: Detail - Stairwell, Yale Center for British Art

SIJ - Day 25: Detail - Stairwell, Yale Center for British Art

Detail - Yale Center for British Art stairwell, Louis I. Kahn, 1974.

On Day 23 and 24 I photographed a stairwell in a concrete silo... This stairwell is in a different building but is by the same architect...

The Yale Center for British Art is located literally across the street from Kahn's Yale University Art Gallery (1953) (where the other stairwell resides). The University Art gallery was his first major commission. This stairwell in the Yale Center for British Art is Kahn’s final work and was completed after his death in 1974.
I've tried a couple stairwell shots and they are not easy, but you make them LOOk easy. Bravo!
The stairwell series is very rewarding in some sense. Extremely hard in very many ways as they are not well lit, so it requires a steady hand. Also, not one of the four so far has any form of straightening or cropping. Also, back to lighting, for example, in this one I cannot explain why we go from a rather bluish light to a warmer tone, but I think it has to do with the overhead lighting... so add mixed lighting to the issues inherent in at least some of this series. I'll shoot the overhead lighting for this stairwell today (off in a few minutes). It's wonderful and harkens back to triangles in the ceiling... There may be one other stair that I'll take, but after that, it's back to proper edifice. Heh...
Such a beautiful and other worldly place. Another one for me to fall in love with.

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