SIJ - Day 25   My favourite "barperson"

SIJ - Day 25 My favourite "barperson"

This is Mo pulling a pint of Otter Bitter. As some of you will know I make a habit of going to The Queens Arms at Slapton on a Friday for fish and chips and a pint of cider. Well I know today's not Friday and I promise I didn't have any fish (I've got home made fish chowder this evening). It was actually very busy since, unbeknown to me, today was the monthly village meal.
Low light levels and a slow lens, f/5.6 means a slow shutter speed of 1/4 sec (iso 400). It's amazing how far someone can move in a 1/4 sec although in this shot Mo seems to have slowed down quite a bit.
nice shot grebeman! nice job keeping the camera steady at 1/4th! yes, you've told us about the Queens Arms before, looks like a nice place to spend some hours and have a drink :)
you are like an oak tree to hold that steady for a 1/4 shot. Well done. Your lunch ritual sounds awesome to me. I wonder if I can get a good fish sandwich around here. Perhaps I'll look for one for my day #25 shot.
Guys, don't credit me with powers that are way beyond me, how about using a tripod with one leg down so it becomes a monopod :biggrin:

You've made me hungry - and thirsty!

I like seeing inside some of your regular spots very much, Barrie. Very tricky with that "monopod"!

I need to know more about this "village lunch". I think I would like it in your town.
This image seals it for me Barrie. I have to get out to your end of our globe and experience a real English village. Though I fear by then I might have moved on from the GF1 and onto my Leica M9 - which I should be able to afford by then :blush: ...and I hope Mo is still behind the bar - albeit a little more bent - and the coal man and the guy with the nice garden, etc.

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