SIJ Day 25
This is an unusual one. I like the blurry wetness everywhere and the oof look. Been trying to work out what is shading diagonally across the red lights?

A lot of atmosphere going on that I like.
I like how you have captured both sharpness and movement in the same frame. Nicely done!
This one and that one you took from your window looking out across the street are, I believe, my two favorites.

You've achieved a lot of depth and interest in this one with these deep colors and layers of light and shadow, Lili. Drive carefully and take care in that weather.
that's a great shot! The reflected streaks of light on the soaked road exagerrate the sensation of speed :)

will, my guess is that it's a windscreen wiper?
Thank you all very much.
That is indeed a windshield wiper moving across.
I was moving like 8 mph when this was shot and I am very careful!
I have been using the XZ-1 more not because the GRD is broken or anything but the Ricoh AF tends to sensitive enough to focus on dust on the windshield. Whatever algorthym Oly uses is more effective here.

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