SIJ - Day 25

SIJ - Day 25

Strings attached, eh?

I don't know how you do what you do, Karen, but you do it so well... Are you a toy collector or is this from a puppet show with marionettes?

Your choice of sepia and the way you've framed this fellow right above that slash of light...and then added that Safety Film frame (which I am so envious of!), is just right. One could read some ominous goings on...foreshadowing, perhaps, with the hanging shadow, but I'm going to prefer to think of him as alive and well and waiting for his next curtain call.

Wonderfully seen and presented!
A striking image, a bit disturbing in the Twilight Zone way. Of course, that's a really good thing in a photo.
love the texture, love the shadow, creeped out by puppets in general. Bravo!

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