SIJ Day 25
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 25

What can I say? I'm one for punishment. You ask how is this photo punishment? WELL, I left my hotel in NY at 8:00 PM NY time Tuesday night, 2:00 AM Wednesday Paris time. I first flew to Geneva but got in an hour later than expected. Then moved the jet to Paris. Got to my hotel here around 4:00 PM Paris time. Took a quick shower, called the concierge to find out the fastest and cheapest way to get downtown Paris. Took the shuttle from our hotel to the Charles DeGaul airport, then jumped on the train and got off at the Notre Dame stop. Took some shots there, then walked, yes I said walked, all the way down to the tower. I then walked, yes I said walked, to that big street us hicks in America pronounce something like Camp Elsie. Got some pics of that big thing people drive real fast around. Then went down the Metro figured out how to make my train connection back to the airport and then the shuttle to the hotel.

And here I sit, uploading these.

Just for SIJ!

I head back to NY tomorrow, Thursday.
Now that's commitment! but then again, it did result in one hell of an SIJ shot! Don't think I've seen this perspective of the Eiffel tower, or something similar, before. I really, really like it, well done!

oh, and lol @ camp elsie :biggrin:
:bravo-009: You are insane but it was worth it, Duane - this is spectacular!

All you needed was Dr. Frankenstein up there connecting his Monster to that electricity! Of course, I'm kidding... This is truly an amazing image. I've never been to Paris but I've certainly seen photos of the Eiffel Tower...but never, ever like this one! Wow!

Love your angle, the color and that moment.

I also got a big kick out of your whirlwind description plus that "Camp Elsie"!:biggrin:

Get some rest now, ya hear?
It's a different take (at least for me) on a classic subject, and a good one. well done.
Mate from my perspective it was all worth it. Amazing lighting, composition, etc., but then I don;t live in a perpetual state of jet lag :wink:
I for one, love the POV and glowing color. And thank you for the travel story, leading to the capture. You are the pilot right? If so get some sleep before we head back to ,,,,,,!
You sure do get around. As to the image, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
the story was entertaining to no end. The shot is EASILY the best I have seen. I love the sharp foreground structure and the glowy tower. Beautiful!

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