SIJ - Day 25

SIJ - Day 25

The inlet off of Long Island Sound at Playland Amusement Park in Rye, New York...

That's some kind of ride over there on the right - but I have no idea which one. Generally speaking I'm really only a ferris wheel rider...and sometimes the carousel. ;-)
I recall seeing a similar view before - though not quite sure if it were your image BB. Irrespective I love this perspective. At first I might have questioned the equilibrium in composition (horizon cutting the image precisely in half horizontally) but the reflection of the sky and clouds really make this work. Also the sweeping leading lines gels well and makes for a very powerful guide for the eye. All tolled a very balanced image.

Love the blues...sure you'd not shot this with an Olympus on the quiet ;)
Ahh, the inimitable BB "look". Again, I knew it was yours from the thumbnail. You're certainly making the most of the X10! Great shot, great processing, and I just love those cloud reflections.
I love how it is fairly naturally bichromatic (is that a word?) and you didn't turn it to mono. I love the blues.
I really love how you process your images, I'm caught between the texture of the sky and the reflection on the water and my eye keeps on switching back and forth between them.

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