SIJ - Day 26: Detail - Stairwell Ceiling, Yale Center for British Art

SIJ - Day 26: Detail - Stairwell Ceiling, Yale Center for British Art

This is the same stairwell as Day 26. This is Louis Kahn's last masterpiece, showing the motif on the ceiling at the top of the stairs. Just as he extended the triangle to the roof in the Yale Art Gallery, here he extends the idea of the square, though in a somewhat surprising manner. When viewed from this orientation the pattern appears to be of elongated diamonds. They are, in reality, squares arranged in a square and offset from the square lines of the stair by 90 degrees. Either way the effect is quite striking. What I love most is the subtle tonality and light play it gives to the floor directly beneath it. And even better, the play of light at the far end, up against the shaft. All of this is visible to the naked eye, but the processing showcases this aspect of the stairwell.

I know these are in reality very colorless, but frankly that is more or less how they appear in person. The concrete construction with marble is very subdued. These spaces are actually meditative and soothing. This is the last of the Louis Kahn stairwell series. Different, I know, but very much worthy of note in this "walking tour."
Totally agree with Kathy about the composition.

But what slaps me in the face about this image is the way you have managed the colour and what that adds to the image. The subtle plays of light on the wall and floor, and the colours dancing on the railing. It's like watching the viscosity playing on the shell of a bubble.

Love it!!!
great tonemapping. Wonderful light and a great composition. 5 stars.
Could we be on one of the decks of a galactic starship...with a phalanx of white clad storm troopers ascending in a run?

A superb image for all the reasons already enumerated...and for me for the ambiance and imagination show by both the architect and yourself, Seaain.


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