SIJ Day 26 - Dinner, Burlington, MA

SIJ Day 26 - Dinner, Burlington, MA

Not much time today either so I'm combining dinner with today's photo op.
I very much like the cross-processed look, the selective focus, and even the frame... it takes the rather mundane and makes it really quite interesting. This is a style I've admired and do not personally know how to achieve. Nice work.
It's true what they say that McDonalds chose the red and yellow golden arches to stimulate the appetite. I'm hungry looking at this image.

Lovely rendition in low light. Nice work
An interesting low key image - like the PP - it sets the image apart from the ubiquitous subject matter.
this image has brought back a memory from a LONG time ago. One that I had totally forgotten about. Dad coming home from work during a snowstorm. Mom was sick in bed with the flu. Dad stopped at McDonalds to pick up dinner for the family. It took him 30 minutes to get home from the McDonalds (that was only 5 minutes away). The dinner was cold. Dad wouldn't stand for cold food after all he'd been through. The problem....... he didn't how the oven worked. He woke my mom up and she couldn't believe it.

It was one of the most depressing McDonald's food experiences I've had.....and a LOT of them have been disappointing.

Great shot and processing.
Great night shot. My only quibble is dignifying McDonalds with the term diner. I guess you can tell on not a fan of the yellow arches.
Thomas, it sounds as though things are still tough going with your family illness.

The aloneness of this image is so strong. I am probably reading into it but the feeling is palpable to me.

I'm impressed that you created such a strong and emotive image from a franchise that many of us hate, but have had to frequent when we've had to and have been thankful for it...even when the food tastes like plastic.

Hang in there and kudos to you for this dramatic rendition of your night's meal.

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