SIJ Day 26  DP1

SIJ Day 26 DP1

Sorry, I've done it again.
You're bending my eye again Will :wink:

Must say though this perspective allows you to focus on the texture and tones and demonstrates why the Foveon sensor is still one of the sweetest things for B+W images.
Interesting perspective. High contrast is attractive... very white whites with very black blacks... the reflection you've captured here is also very deep. Very quirky. This is exactly what you'd see facing your car door and looking down and left. Yet our brains make something different of that perspective and when it is laid bare like this and freed of the correction our brains apply, it looks and seems wrong. That in itself is a very interesting find. You've got me thinking now... :eek:
The twist makes this an abstract where the textures and tones are stronger than the subject matter. Well seen.
Here's some words I thought I would never use together. The asphalt is beautiful.
You have, Will - and done so brilliantly!

There's a friend of mine on Flickr who you may know...he's posted here once or twice - vaquey is his handle. I know he'd like this and am sure you'd enjoy many of his pictures as well.

Wonderful deep "colors" and that reflection of the bricks on the car on the lower left is fantastic! Great eye, Will and such a good "spin" on what we're used to seeing.

Just love the intense details that you and your DP are bringing us.

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