SIJ Day 26, Green Tower

SIJ Day 26, Green Tower

That is a cool night shot, that catches a reflection in the clouds. I tried to catch one here last night, but did not have it on a tripod, so could not control the motion. I intend to give it another go. Great shot.
I like that you leave the hood and headlights in the shot. It makes the viewer feel like they are "in" the scene.
Lili, I have to ask - are you a private detective? :wink: These shots have that feel - this one looks like we're waiting for that importation of a ton of cocaine to land in from Columbia...:laugh1:
Love the spots on the bonnet again.
I think more and more that your night scenes often work so well because of that little condensed version of the lights reflected on the bonnet. This image is great anyway but that string of lights is the icing....
Agreed, I feel the stealth qualities in your photographs as well, Lili - and I, too, also like the line of colors reflected off that line below the windshield.... I can hear the strains of music as we ride shotgun, figuratively, with our narrator...the private eye... I can't quite put my finger on the music...but I do hear it.

Here's a great list of film noir and neo-noir

Love the darkness and rich colors, Lili.

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