SIJ - Day 26
Recinto Sur Street, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Drove to Old San Juan for a slightly extended lunch break. This was shot from the parking garage across the street.
It almost looks like a cardboard cutout until you see the woman and plant. The colours and tiles are magnificient.
Another classic shot Antonio. The 1:1 works perfectly for this image. There is symmetry and then there is not and those unique elements have been well balanced in the frame. Love the colour here too. At first I doubted the amount of detail and then once you look into the frescos (?) the sharpness just pops!
Love this shot. The repetition that is not completely symmetric and the perspective is absolutely square due to your elevated vantage point.
I don;t know what percentage is your eye and your processing and what part is just beautiful San Juan. I think I need to visit Puerto Rico to find out!
What a breath of fresh air and sunshine for those of us up in the northern climes...where for me it's dark and dreary today. Yes, I am whining!

To think that this is a view from a parking garage!

Glorious colors, architecture - and those three different doorways are what pull this altogether and make it!

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