SIJ Day 26
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 26

Not much I could do today. Just got to NY this afternoon and took this one on the ramp.
On man I love your office!!! I'm getting another couple of monitors brought in and I'm going to have some dummy levers put in just to make my workspace as interesting....also when my staff bore me I can start adjusting things, reporting back to tower and making zoom-whish-brrrr noises. That'll tell them!:wink:

Love the symmetry of the composition Duane. And the colours - especially across the "windscreen" (?) Not sure what that purple tinted piece of glass/perspex does functionally...but aesthetically it's amazing.
+1 as to your "office." Closest I've ever been is simulators. Awesome array. Thanks for the glimpse.
Well that thing hanging down with the purple coloring is a HUD (Heads Up Display). The HUD displays the same info as the Main Display. The aircraft I fly also has what's called EVS (Enhanced Vision System) which is a FLIR camera in the nose. It's tuned to heat signature that runway lights put out. The image from the EVS is also displayed on the HUD. With the EVS you can see the runway through the clouds conditions permitting. What you can't see in the photo is I have a cursor control system on the left console. The 4 displays have menus across the top that you can access with the cursor control, kind of like your mouse and computer.
That settle it I want a HUDs as well! Maybe synchronised to the screens as well as to give me a heads-up if the boss is on the way :wink:
+1 to what everyone has already set. This photo is covered in AWESOME sauce!
Wow - what a view!

I am with Mark about his idea of setting up a pretend cockpit.:biggrin:

Duane, most of us will never have the opportunity to see something like this so an extra special thank you.

Impressive and overwhelming.

Love the colors and oh that view through the windshield!

Glad you're down safely!
wow, just wow
both for the elegance of the tech involved and your presentation of it

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