SIJ Day#27 - My Fourth Grade class

SIJ Day#27 - My Fourth Grade class

I am raising laziness to an art form by submitting a photo of a photo. One of my flickr groups is sharing old photos and since I needed to shoot it anyways, I figured I'd just take the day off creatively (and still have my shot covered). I may do something extravagant to make up for my decadent laziness.
Wonderful! You were so cute...whichever one you are!:biggrin:

I'm thinking maybe that second one in from the right on the top row or maybe that third one in from the right who looks mischievous down on the third row?

But then again now I'm thinking the second from the left on that bottom row.

It's funny how timeless elementary school photographs can be.

What day is this...wait, only 4 more days!!:p
But then again now I'm thinking the second from the left on that bottom row
This would be the sensible choice if you worked off your avatar. But having the benefit of also seeing the wind-chilled face, my money's now on second from the right - second row from the bottom. Love the mustard yellow tracksuit top with racing stripes mate....I can still see you in it today and still zipped to the limit :thumbup:
Interesting, also curious that no one is looking at the camera. Which little lad are you?
Mark, that is a great observation. I would love that mustard tracksuit with the stripes. It totally appeals to my retro fashion sense. Karen, I've instigated a guessing game on my flickrstream so I can't divulge yet which one is me, but feel free to join in the fun if you like....
You asked for it mate. My opinion is now more public...and on your stream.

BTW: Now my money's with the bookie. Put my hard-earned cash on second from the left bottom row. It's the Spock uniform that sealed it!
An interesting series - the photographer obviously said "look to the left". I miss the eye contact personally.

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