SIJ - Day 27
[B] Cracks to the sky [/B]
Sorry folks. Slim pickings yesterday I'm afraid. Weather was miserable as was my humour...especially after I saw what was on offer on my card. So you'll have to indulge what small excitement I had in examining the form of this budding Gladioli - having said that I do enjoy their shape like a bolt of lightning rising up to the sky.
hmm i'll be interested to look closer when i see that one on flickr, the web details look rather lovely​
Looks fine to me, Mark. Slim pickings perhaps but well picked, I say. You'll have to show us one when its in bloom :)
draining the color has allowed us to focus on the purity of form (or something like that). I realize I've been commenting for nearly a month and I have NO idea what the hell I;m saying.....LOL.
There's an old fashioned film feel to this, Mark...perhaps in part is the color tones and desaturation... Very creative. Don't sell yourself short. I feel as though I'm looking at an image from one of my parent's photo albums from their childhood...and that means we're talking about the early to mid 1900's.

Well done!
Mark you have made something out of almost nothing - the PP works nicely and the repetitive shapes also. Dame Edna would approve.
Nice tones moving from white-white to black-black... well given the tint... interesting subject to pull us through the tones, nice bokeh. Very nice...

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