SIJ - Day 27

SIJ - Day 27

Late afternoon...the wind shifted and I'm guessing a high pressure system has begun to move in... With the rain and fog cleared, I jumped in the car and headed to see what was happening at the water...but I've chosen this slightly off the water shot...with the gulls at play around Old Glory.
love the brooding sky and the birds just seem to soar and hang there.
that's great! Love the upward angle with the threatening sky, the bare trees, the gulls flying around (somehow I find that ominous too!), and the flag hanging down without any wind... like a movie scene where something catastrophic is about to happen :)

pretty cool that you're getting a high pressure area at the same time we are across the pond, after months of "winter" that felt more like fall...
Very brooding dream like quality to this one. The birds are wonderful.
A nice stark brooding image that would have had me looking at a b+w conversion, reducing it to something Gothic! :biggrin:

Love these clouds BB - broody, dark and yet full of light. The birds circling the limp flag hit me as portent of the calm before the storm.

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