SIJ Day 28 - Street Artist, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

SIJ Day 28 - Street Artist, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Went to a coffee shop overlooking Harvard Square and snapped this picture of a street artist not quite able to get everyone's attention.
Nice perspective with the artist's work laid out. That giant poster looks real, turning the people into miniatures.
What a disconcerting sense of scale that image on the right gives to this whole picture, in an intriguing way. Lots going on including another "street" photographer in action, probably with his mobile phone. Yes, everyone seems to be reluctant to get closer to the artist, perhaps fearing his sales technique. Excellent shot for its genre.

Something about the bleak spread of his pictures in front of the giant smiling happy poster really appeals to me. Well seen.
It appears that only the little boy is looking.

What a wonderful spot to sit and sip one's coffee, Thomas.

This is one of the things that annoys me the most about "smart phones"... So many are missing life around them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Luddite and do have one myself, but I like to enjoy the real moments around me. Sorry for my self righteous rant.:redface:

Very well observed...that little boy and then all the others...while the artist waits and that giant advertisement smiles on.
I like seeing someone shooting a camera within the shot. and the figure in the giant poster is AWESOME!

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