SIJ - Day 28

Too much prettiness in the SIJ. Time to get a little dirty. This is a derelict property very close to where we live. In its heyday it must have been a gorgeous piece of property.
Looking at those columns makes this image so sad. It betrays that this building once had so much respect and such grandeur. Now? :frown:

You've really picked up the light and texture so well with this exposure Antonio. Love the feeling of intrusion this composition gives from the light and greenery coming in from the right of frame. Really adds to the feeling of movement...
Having started photographically exploring some of the neglected parts of my nearest small town, it's great to see your take on a similar situation but in a more exotic location. Despite being neglected it interestingly enough still retains an exotic feel to it. Excellent shot.

I like the idea of nature reclaiming the building on one side and the graffiti artists fighting back for humanity on the other.
It is sad. Such gorgeous colors and so much beauty...slowly but surely ebbing away.
lovely ruins. I need to find some grit and grime to shoot tomorrow.

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