SIJ - Day 29  Derelict farm machinery
Not a great deal to say about this. Local knowledge meant I knew where to find it and the sort of lighting conditions in which to tackle the subject, which was essentially overcast to eliminate the strong shadows that would otherwise have made the shot more difficult. This morning was the morning.
I love the geometry of this shot. It captures the transition from the clean lines of artificial things to the roughness of natural things as it decays.
Some sort of tractor?

I've always wondered why these things are left to rust away wherever it seems they were last used.

Good for you for knowing how to handle this scene and getting the lighting down, Barrie.
nice find. If it's rusty....I'd like to see it in color. I love rust
A bit of agricultural history fading away.
Beautifully preserved in your image. I like the composition and the B&W adds to the feel of the the old hay rake fading back into the soil.
I have a more modern PTO version of this implement for my tractor. Nice to see the basic design elements haven't changed much in all this time....

On that note, you've organised your elements just right here IMHO. The composition have imbued this with a real sense of small feat as it's state betrays tat it has been static for quite some time.

Love the sense of quiet....

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