SIJ - Day 29
[B]A moment's reflection [/B]
Thought I'd try a pretty iconic image of mornings on my property - and I do apologise for the emphasis on my place this month.:blush:

This is a pretty typical Summer's morning, low lying cloud - well comparatively as we are well over 900 metres above sea level - with a few contemplative bits of wildlife. All that's missing to complete the scene is the inclusion of the photographer fumbling with kit in order to not spill a single drop of his precious morning's coffee.
"a typical summer's morning" ... hmm, you can go off some people ... this is rather splendid
Mark, what the heck are you doing.... That's a big kangaroo in there looking at that "pretty typical summer's morning" right along with you and your coffee!! I'm speechless...well, wordless...

Good lawdie, you are bringin' are knockin' 'em out of the ballpark with this one and your day 30!

You'd darn well better make a good sized book and or get prints made, Mark.

A stunning image.
Great shot. The colors too are amazing. Love the softness coupled with the high contrast. Is that roo? Beautifully done.
"and the sun rose on the day", although that's a quote from an anti war poem, a sentiment that wouldn't fit this serene scene at all, beautifully captured for us all to share.

What a beautiful scene. I like the soft look you have given it.

I also like the giant kangaroo sitting on the left hand side of the headland. I know they get big but surely not dinosaur sized ;)
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww there's nothing I don't positively love about this image... the deep green of the grass, the dew reflecting off it, the haze in the background, the sun peeking through the clouds, the colours in the sky, the well judged focus... and to top it all off, a kangaroo (and it looks like it's a pretty big one too?)!!! Absolutely amazing image mate!

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