SIJ - Day 3:  Detail - Kroon hall, Yale University

SIJ - Day 3: Detail - Kroon hall, Yale University

This is a walkway outside of Kroon Hall, home of the Yale University Forestry Department. Locally-based Centerbrook Architects & Planners acted as the Executive Architects in collaboration with Design Architects, Hopkins Architects of London and an all-star team of consultants. The building comprises 68,800 sq ft and was completed January 2009. This walkway features the same red oak paneling that is used to cover much of the inside detail.

Kroon Hall is Yale’s greenest building - In February 2010, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded Kroon Hall LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification. The building was awarded 59 points—7 more than required for the top rating of Platinum status. It is designed to use 50 percent of the energy of a comparably sized, efficient modern building.

I promised not to muck with the photos. No cropping, etc. However, I forgot how badly photographs like this need perspective correction, especially with a wide-angle lens. Scaling resulted in a 10% loss of border, so if I am not mistaken this is 11mm cropped in to approximately the FOV of 12mm... perhaps I have that wrong. PTLens used for perspective correction.

This was one of those situations where I was not certain of which shot I liked better. In the end, the first shot is, i think the better, but this one give a bit more of a sense of context... sort of what is immediately beyond the walkway, and how it actually has a bit more of an open feel when walking down it. I thought I would show you all this as well so that you could get a better sense of the place.
I like the first one better. The "apartment" building and blue sky on the second one seems a distraction to me.
Agree with Duane, the first lets the eye busy itself with walking down the hall...the second keeps allowing mine to drift out to the left...nice repetition of shadows and forms and very strong leading lines...
The first one is great. The soft brownish tones and repetitive elements make the picture. Beautiful!
Definitely the first is the clear winner here. As was mentioned, the second showing the building and sky takes me out of the image.
The first one is definitely the stronger image, but it's nice to get a bit of context from the second one :)
The first is more dramatic and keeps all the colours within the same palette.
Thanks all... seems unanimous. Definitely was my inclination. As is often the case, becoming too intimate with the subject ** CAN ** lead you astray at times. Appreciate all the feedback!


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