SIJ - Day 3
Had the farrier over today doing the horses hooves. He was a little perplexed as to why I'd want to take some photos of him at work, but he was compliant enough....for a time. You have to understand it was hot today - about 34 degrees celsius (about 93F for those still using the old money). So I could tell his patience was quickly thinning.

So not many frames to choose from. I preferred this one, as it portrayed him how I always picture him, hunched over with some tools at foot and one keen in hand. I also liked the framing of the other horse which added a pleasing curve. Light was dappled under the tree and I enjoyed how the dappling played on the farriers thick leather chaps.

Why the sepia...well just to emphasise the age of his trade-craft.
I thought it might look better without the rasp showing at the bottom, but when I tried moving it out of frame I found I was wrong.

Great composition.
Thanks Will. I tried to get this right in the viewfinder, and I debated about the tools too. Then I had a second stab and took bits out while at the computer, but ended up posting it as it came off the card. Thanks for affirming my decision....
Nice shot! Indeed the other horse offers a nice frame, and your photo does show the farrier exactly how you imagina one :)
It's a great photo as it is but I think it might have been a little better if all of the farrier's foot was in the frame.
A very interesting view from under the other horse's neck, Mark. So interesting that he or she would stand so close, though I guess they're used to the farrier. I like the sepia tones very much and especially enjoy the lights on his leather apron. The shadow play translates the weather's temps to me very clearly, Mark. (It was 26 degrees in "old money" here this AM.)
There's a dissonance to this that I like and feel uncomfortable about at the same time. The nearness of the large and powerful horse creates a tension. The fact that it is a presence rather than seen in full magnifies the tension. The only (minor) point I would make is that a half step to the left would have detached the farrier's head from the horse - far easier to say than to do, I appreciate!!
I agree with the other responders about the horse providing and excellent frame :)

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