SIJ - Day 30  My cottage on a rainy day
A very difficult choice today, it was rather wet and I didn't venture beyond my back gate (it's actually in the photograph). Had Chris our local postman made more concessions in his mode of dress to the weather he may well have made it to the SIJ, as it is he'll have to be content with the runners up slot on the not SIJ.
I've often referred to walking out from my cottage. Well here is the back view of that cottage. It was originally the workshop of my 90 year old neighbours father who was a wheelwright and made farm carts, stairs and coffins. The first floor loading bay door has been kept in the gable end. There were only 3 walls when it was a workshop, so the "new" fourth wall round the front has a more modern look and more windows in it.
There's only a stream flowing down the lane when it rains heavily or for a long time, otherwise it's relatively dry. As you can see it's a wet day.
I can hear and feel that rain, Barrie!

I'm glad to see your house and know more of its history...

What a wonderful gate and to have a house with a name.

Stay dry and warm! Maybe you'll stop by your watering hole, if you haven't yet? I wish we could meet up with you there today.:biggrin:
It's always interesting to see where people live. Your processing reflects the weather perfectly. I think I would have cropped the muddy lane up where the bushes start.
Ahh Chateau la Barrie :wink:

Just as I would have pictured it. Do you occupy both floors of Stonewalls - well not at the same time, but you know what I mean?
I am a bit envious of your swanky historic abode. Life in the city bring me down. One day..... one day. I like the composition, too.

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