SiJ Day#30 - Pulaski High School (+1)

SiJ Day#30 - Pulaski High School (+1)

I was driving around running errands today as the sun was going down. I snapped off a few shots. Here's an example of a classic Milwaukee High School. Most of them look more or less like this. There are some older and some newer, but the post war boom of the 50s is when a lot of them date from and probably why they all look pretty similar.

Processed in one of my favorite software programs (and one of the least the free trail and try it out..... Dynamic Photo HDR )
I also really like this one....the specular highlight bokeh in the foreground is from winter sludge and salt spray on the windshield and is one of my fave parts of the shot.

P1060457 by Lukinosity, on Flickr
Wow, both are incredible. Such very strong graphics. Were these brackets or psuedo HDR? No matter, they are wonderful to look at.
I agree, I like both very much. For me that lone person standing on the sidewalk in your high school one makes the image for me. The reflections in the windows..the scene in each's all great but that person gives me a touchstone.

I actually prefer, if I had to chose, your second image even more - that is one heck of a wild sky and the asphalt's squiggles... Very powerful, Luke and I'm glad you kept your hood in...while you were driving one handed. This second one feels as though it cold be from a Batman movie - and I mean that in a good way!

Both very cool the way you've processed them, Luke!
Both are "pseudo HDR" from single shots. I shot 7 exposures of the high school, but the camera shifted slightly, and the motion was a bit troublesome. I did it both ways and frankly, I saw very little difference on the final result, except that the single image was cleaner because of the lack of movement.

The second shot was in motion, so obviously "fake" HDR.
I like them both very much :smile! but I do prefer the first one, because I like the architecture. I think this style is a continuation of the interbellum architectural styles like Brick Expressionism?

Itchy eyeballs! I just can't get my head around HDR, sorry. It looks like something in Gotham City. I love the building but can't quite cope with the processing, sorry.
Love them both mate. The architecture of the first has an "All American" flavour to it, well especially for non-US folks like myself whose understanding of America is shaped wholly from the 'tube' (back in the day when they had tubes in them!) Since I can see Archie and Jughead (as well as Veronica...and I suppose Betty) leaving school, to grab a soda down at the drug-store.... it's a winner for me.

Man the feeling of that second shot is pretty awesome. I'm a sucker for a dramatic sky and this has it in the hand of the Almighty is going to pop right out of the right and smite down those buildings :wink:

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