SIJ - Day 30
[B]A fragment of my Canberra postcard[/B]
I was going to treat you all to a postcard of my home city...well the city I have to go to daily to win our bread.

The 180 degree panorama came out quite OK, but far too small to share, so here is a snippet - of a little less than 90 degrees that takes in our city centre (right) and Parliament House (bathed in light towards the left at the end of the long road).

Hope to see y'all here one day soon!
Wow! Mark, I am sitting here typing with my mouth wide open - this is out of this world fantastic!

Incredibly beautiful. It's as though you were looking down from Mt. Olympus...the Aussie version.

This is the reason why everyday I post my photo for the day first, and then look and comment on everybody else's. This is simply superb!
This is pretty damned spectacular. I like the airport runway heading off. The colours and the drama in the sky....!
Love to claim that as an experienced photographer I jealously guard all my key locations, but who am I kidding :blush:....this was taken from the most popular Canberra lookout atop Mt Ainslie...just behind the War Memorial.

Thanks for the comments so far, for those who asked via PM here's the full panorama.

Canberra Panorama by stillshunter, on Flickr

...which I think I over-estimated. This full version is about 90 degrees and the crop offered as my Day 30 is about 45 degrees
Outstanding. the full pano is not too small at all... Really well done and such a dramatic day you had for it.
Mark, you are shattering my illusions about Australia, where do you find all these clouds? A fantastic sense of drama added to this shot by their presence, and the shafts of light, with serendipity also playing it's part with a certain building highlighted.

wow, superbly dramatic shot! And the full panorama isn't too small at all, although I do think the

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