SIJ - Day 30

SIJ - Day 30

On the beach.

Just FYI, that white thing is a mooring buoy.

And I must apologize, I edited the picture very slightly and tried to not lose the two thoughtful comments from Mark and Antonio. This just shows you how insane I can be about tweaking my pictures ad nauseum. ;-)

I'll copy them here:

From Mark/stillshunter: ""Love the horizontal bands of colour here BB. From sky blue to sand brown at the base. As well as the minimalist "daub" of cloud, which reinforce the feeling of tranquillity. The only interruption being the squawk of a seagull (which I hear as I stare into this image)....seems they always have to be in on any seaside action."

And from Antonio/ajramirez: ""This is crazy good! Beautiful!"
this image taught me something. I suppose most photographers know it already, but for's a revelation.

The mere act of committing an image to film (or a memory card) can raise the scene above the ordinary. I reckon I could have looked at the this scene walking by and not appreciated it's simple beauty. But the fact that you did and presented it here...... it's just beautiful. I want to live in this moment just a bit longer. I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and come back and just enjoy this view.


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