SIJ - Day 30
That's a sad sight indeed! We've had some new business spaces built in the area, but it's taking very long for them to get rented out to actual businesses, which is also a pretty sad sight.
I don;t read anything into this shot. I just like the composition and contrast as an abstract image.
A thought provoking image as well as an interesting one from a design perspective. What I can't get over is the image quality and the way we can see not just the reflection in those glass doors but through them out to the other side of the building. The lighting is really great the way it highlights the doors frame...and then seeing that loop, perhaps a blind's pull, over on the right... Well, it could make one think of a noose, though I'm not implying that that something you had in mind. I've been steeped in some rather graphic mysteries of late...that take place in either Sweden or Norway, and so my imagination is probably on overdrive.
So interesting how one image can have so many interpretations based on the subject and current economical context.

The title of the image, "shoppingless entry", is really an exact representation of the reality. I knew however that the setting could lead to several interpretations.

To make it clear. What you see is the entrance of a former department store. Yes, the store is closed. The reason is that its moved to a larger and newer building. The current building is sold and will be moved in parts elsewhere. You look from the outside through the glass door to the inside, but the rest of the building is already gone and you see the outside.

So while it seems or could be interpreted it felt victim of the current economical situation, it's business is actually thriving.

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