SIJ Day 30
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 30

Had a busy couple days after returning from our weekend camping trip. Hard to beat the views I have while taking my daily walk with the dog.
What a beautiful place. I need to have a backyard with something similar. I'd never leave and fish all day (assuming there's fish there).
certainly a place to visit

your image gives a feeling of tranquility
I've loved seeing your morning walk route. When my view gets tired.....I close my eyes and envision yours. My dogs never seem to tire of seeing the same routes every day....LOL.
Mate I'd not tire of that view either, and would be glad to talk a time-share arrangement between our two places of residence :wink:
Yes, I'm completely smitten every time I see where you live. I need to get my "atlas" out and remind myself where exactly you are. I keep planning a trip down south and perhaps we'll time it when you're home from your whirlwind piloting and camping.

It looks like winter, finally!

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