SIJ - Day 31: Detail, Parking Garage, 221 Whitney Avenue

SIJ - Day 31: Detail, Parking Garage, 221 Whitney Avenue

This is a parking garage. Yale had nothing to do with building it, though it is now owned by Yale. At one time, this was the parking garage at my work location. They since shipped us across town, but I return to this location once in a while...

Dad was a photojournalist. he used to say "Go shoot something you see every day... something that has become common and uninteresting to you. Try to see it differently and make something interesting of it..."

A few years back I tried this exercise. I picked this garage... shot it originally with Tri-X and my '57 Asahi pentax Original. That was what got me started on architecture.

Today I was lucky. The atmospheric conditions conspired to give me a view to this building I do not think I ever really imagined. I've come to think that architecture is one part building, one part point of view, one part clouds/light play or environmental interest, and one part processing. Not all of my shots had this. I think this one does...

Thanks for all of your kind comments and support. I really enjoyed this exercise and you all we a great part of that.

Slide Show:

Kind regards,

cool shot. I'll watch the slideshow when I get a chance, but I have half of them burned into my memory already. I really enjoyed your shots this month. I'd love to try a series like this some time with a real focus and the quality you have maintained.
Nice use of high contrast to show off those clouds. Modern looking architecture. Kinda reminds me of the Guggenheim building. I probably butchered the spelling there!
A very different shot to finish and thanks for the slideshow. There is a halo around the building that is less attractive.
Absolutely love this minimalist form!!! Well seen Seeain!!!
....though I have to admit I can't shake the tune...
"Meet George Jetson...his boy Elroy...."etc.

Seaain, what a great image to go out with for this project. My first thoughts when I saw this were "It's The Guggenheim as a spaceship!?!"

I love what you did with this it's so off the Yale trail we've been traveling with you and, yet, so on it - if that makes sense.

I know I'm not alone in saying how much I've enjoyed our fascinating guided tour of your stomping grounds in and around the Yale campus.

I look forward to seeing more of your photographs from everywhere and thank you so much for being part of this SIJ project!

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