SIJ Day 31 - Great Bridge, Exeter, NH

SIJ Day 31 - Great Bridge, Exeter, NH

Last photo shoot for the month. Went back to the bridge where I took the first picture of the month overlooking the dam on Exeter River but didn't find a new perspective that I found interesting enough or that added anything new so I settled for this snap of a woman walking her dog.
nice, but this project has really brought to my attention how much different my winter is than others
Pleasant Street indeed!

Nice shot with great movement...though still not sure it'd be pleasant to have to be out in that daily....
The tilt makes me feel they going to slide to oblivion all reinforced by the tentative way they're both walking.
Thomas - a wonderful image with which to "end" this project because to my eyes, we're really all just continuing on our walk or stroll or trips through everyday life. The angle is perfect for this one - I'm with Kathy about us kind of feeling as though we might slip or slide along...but not into oblivion. Rather, I think this is a witty view on how life goes... The name on the street sign, the cold look, the footprints and the walker and her dog, those tire tracks heading around the corner and off as the building seems to tip in that direction, as well - everything - works so well together.

You have keen observational skills and use them so well without ever seeming forced at all. I'm so glad you were able to hang in here with us all even when some family emergencies surfaced - which I hope are all completely better now. I am looking forward to spending more time with you and your photos in the rest of the forum, Thomas. Many thanks!

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