SiJ Day#31 - the photographer waves goodbye

SiJ Day#31 - the photographer waves goodbye

It's been a rollercoaster ride this month. It was nice to know I had some friends along for the ride or I may have quit.

You're all much better photographers than I and I hope it stays that way (or it means you've gone downhill quite precipitously).

I'll remember these 31 days for a long time to come. Good-bye (at least for now).
very cool pov, nice shot, do not ever downplay your abilities just learn from mistakes and keep shooting
It's been great seeing your work this month Luke. I too felt very challenged and hope to see more of your work in the future.
Excellent farewell shot, Luke. I have enjoyed seeing your work this month and thank you for all your kind comments on mine.


Love the waive Luke! But love the "ps" photo even more -- the real friends!! You miss them eh? :)
Great way to finish Luke - a good perspective and thanks for the wave. Your shots are better than you think.
An inventive way of saying goodbye, very good, but let's hope it's just au revoir for now.

Thank you for the support and the lovely images you have posted this month, I do look forward to the images you will be posting in the future.
Great farewell shot. I've enjoyed your images and appreciated your comments on mine. Thanks.
Such strong symbolism here Luke. Nicely done!
"Onwards and upwards my friend!" :thumbup:

If I were handing out awards for the month, I'd have no hesitation in handing you the Overachiever's Honours. You've sold yourself short consistently and I think you need a good talking to about just how well you've actually done. Enjoyed your images this month, many of which I look forward to seeing grace the pages of our photo-book.

On a personal note, I cannot understate what great company you've been this month mate. I'm a little bit of a larrikin myself and so it's been great breaking some of the innate seriousness of our pursuit with a friendly quip and well-timed ribbing. It's that rapier wit and self-depreciating humour that I've really come to relish - as it really resonates with my personal 'style' - and hope that we might not take a few more steps together as friends on this forum.

Onwards and upwards ol' "Spock" McLuke!!!

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