SIJ Day 31
My first try at shooting from the hip with this camera. The lens and adapter are really too large and heavy to do this comfortably. At least it seems that way when you would normally use a Ricoh GRD4.

This shot was one of a series where I had the camera tilted too far up - a case of overcompensating for the weight of the lens.
It looks to me as though it has worked, and you've not yet attracted the ladies attention either, mission accomplished I'd say.

Caught the moment well, and a very good composition for a from the hip shot.
Looks pretty good to me! It's gonna take me quite a bit of practise before I can get from-the-hip shots like this... a
Well, Norman, you're already light years ahead of me when it comes to any thing like "hip shooting", believe me!

I'll be interested to continue to follow your work as we go forth from the SIJ - will that GRD4 be your regular or not?

It has been a pleasure getting to know you via this project and I admire your sticktoitiveness with your bicycling and your being able to keep up so well with creativity even while being exhausted after long hours at work and commuting under your own speed. :drinks:

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