SIJ - Day 31

SIJ - Day 31

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I decided to allow my faithful and very clever dog, Johnnie, use the X10 today to make the final image for the month. Really felt it was the right thing to do, since he's been with me for all but 5 out of 31 photos.

Happy trails and keep on doing your own thing!
That's an amazingly talented dog, shooting such a nice portrait! Looks like he copied your PP style too, BB!:p
I really like the angle and the treatment of the sky, they give the portrait a strong and dynamic energy!
great pov, wonderful shot, You work has been such a pleasure to view through out this event., rally nice.
Thank you so much for the amazing positive perspective you have brought to this PAD and to the site in general.
That dog has an amazing sense for composition...:) Terrific shot, as always.

I have really enjoyed your work this month. And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your insightful comments on everybody's photographs. You are a great part of what makes SC a special place to spend time in.
No more kibble for this little artist....fine mince and liver all the way. Love the light here BB, as junior obviously not only looks up to you but sees you with a rather splendid silver halo.

BB, I have enjoyed every single frame that you have offered us this month. Thank you for taking the time out to offer insightful comments and much needed encouragement.

May all your months be a photographically rewarding as this one!
Great finishing touch and thanks again for your huge support of all the SIJ members and for your wonderful daily images.
Johnnie certainly knows just when to press that shutter release and catch your look of steely determination.
Thanks for all your contributions BB, and for alerting me to this challenge in the first place after something of an absence for me on the site. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time.

I hope that you rewarded him - I heard that he wants an iPad or one of those new Fuji P$S's

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