SIJ Day 31
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 31

This one is a toast to all of you that helped get through my first online or for that matter first ever photography project.

Thanks for all of your kind words this month. It definitely inspired me to keep going.
Enjoy your drink..... well deserved. I really enjoyed your shots this month.
This is a fantastic shot, and you certainly look like you are in your environment. I have really enjoyed your work this month, as well as your very kind comments.
Congrats mate in getting through your first project! Nice way to finish it up. Nice smoke and a glass of wine!
Truly a well deserved toast mate, I have really enjoyed your submitted photos and I will be looking forward to your other submissions in the future.
Great shot. I like the diagonal created by the fire wine and pipe. All that anyone needs for a pleasant relax.
You're a man after my own heart mate. Comfy chair, a brazier, fine tobacco, a glass or two of fine red...kicking back and taking in the view. Well you did a stellar job of getting through the red wine of every day this month and with day 31 behind you have moved onto a nice mellow port. Great work!!!
The perfect ending, Duane.

The fact that you've been able to keep up with this - and your blog - all the while you seem to be either in the air or en route somewhere has been very impressive. As always, I've enjoyed your pictures very much and have found that I quite enjoy virtual travel, as well. Now if only we could all get together on that deck of yours, it would be even better.

Great image and I'll have a glass of white, if I may?

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