SIJ - Day 31
Did someone say "selfie?" I figured I would do one with one of my favorite subjects for the month.
I love the multiple shadows of that raised leg. Great 3D pop on the whole shot. Your shots this month were a real treat.
Nice to see you Antonio - I always enjoy your images and seeing them on a daily basis has been a treat.
Great shot Antonio, while I havent been able to comment to all your shots this month I have seen and enjoyed all of them, I will be looking forward to your future submissions.
A fitting tribute of an artist by his muse...and though she looks quite pensive you can just tell she's a little overcome :wink: Love the multiple shadow of your leg - and to be honest from the thumbnail I thought you'd ventured to multiple exposures of you in movement towards the camera.

Antonio it has been an absolute pleasure walking along with you for this month. You've been not only been an inspiration but great company.
Antonio, your wit never leaves you! The master of self portraits and beautifully framed images. It is good to see you out in the sunlight with your friend.

You never missed a day even when you were lying in bed sick, nor when you had to hit the byways in search of an image in the dark of night. I've enjoyed all of your photos as much as I've enjoyed reading your updates in the "How's it going" threads. You're a good pal and I'm really glad you were in our SIJ project Antonio.

Next time perhaps your son would like to come along? :thumbsup:

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