SIJ - Day 4:  Dwight Memorial Chapel, Yale University

SIJ - Day 4: Dwight Memorial Chapel, Yale University

The students are not around this week at Yale, so I thought I'd grab this opportunity to shoot interiors this week. Besides it is pretty cold and it's nice to settle into this kind of contemplative shooting indoors.

This is Dwight Memorial Chapel, Yale University, Old Campus. Originally designed in 1842 by Henry Austin to house the Yale Library, it has been a chapel since 1931 when Stirling Library was completed. Its name commemorates Timothy Dwight the elder, and his grandson of the same name, both former Presidents of Yale University.

It is actually quite dark in here. I've lightened it significantly so that the detail is evident. What a pleasure to shoot! It took about fifteen minutes to set up and shoot.

I tried perspective correction on this. While I like the corrected version, it required a fairly large crop, and as such really does not show off the FOV of the 9-18mm at 11mm. I therefore opted to upload the uncorrected version which actually is quite a bit more dramatic overall.
Love the feeling of this shot, not only the atmosphere but the fact that the viewer is so immersed in the image. Gorgeous browns and against the blues of the stained-glass windows...divine!
With church interiors, I tend to like the uncorrected versions even better, since they portray the volume better. Well done.
Agree on the version - fully corrected looks less natural. This shot's exposure is well managed to bring out the stained glass and the ceiling.
I'm really enjoying your series as I won't get to see Yale any other way.
Seaain, what is the kind of stone that so much of the architecture is made from? The warm colors are common there, but not so common elsewhere, I don't think. I can't quite think of what it's called, though you may have mentioned it in one of your earlier photos.

Definitely glad for the "uncorrected" view. I, too, have a thing for church interiors and to be able to photograph inside would be, I think, a rare treat. It must be fantastic to listen to music and choir voices in there. Beautiful.
Thanks all for your kind comments...

It must be fantastic to listen to music and choir voices in there.

The very first time I photographed this... about a year ago now... there was someone at the organ. They were quite accomplished. From the seat at the organ, you cannot see the entry doorway, nor could I see the organist. The whole time I was shooting, the organist was playing sacred music. It was really quite sublime. This has become one of my favorite locations on campus.

I believe the stone to be some form of limestone. Tried to research this and could find nothing on the interior. The exterior, which I may shoot this week, is brownstone which typically is a sedimentary and sometimes partially metamorphic sandstone.


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