SIJ - Day 4
The modern ICE train from Germany passes by at 120 km/h, while the traveler is reminded of an exhibition of the Jewish history.

Today was an in-between day. Storm hit the Netherlands the day before and another storm is predicted for the next day.

It was a quick stroll today.
Streamliner. How wonderful that it's apparently called ICE, though I this may well be an acronym. Thank you for the explanation regarding both the train and the poster, it helps me to see the image on a deeper level.

Beautiful graphic designs throughout.
Faces of the Past, desperate traveler, and speeding train, nice juxtaposition
Thanks for encouraging a closer reading.
Trains and leaving have played quite a role in Jewish history as it has come to us.
This does what a photograph does so well.
Like squeezing a watermelon seed on a table. We think we know what the picture says and where the seed will go.
Then the seed is off out the side. Just like our mind takes us to all sorts of new interpretations of the picture.
So much to like but the distorted shapes on the train windscreen I find mesmerising. As always I admire your skill at getting that beautiful dark B&W rendering just perfectly right.

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