SIJ - Day 4
Downtown Houston, as seen from my office. This was probably the third or fourth time I've taken this photo. Each time was with a different camera. Yes, I am a gearhead. Heavily processed in LR3.6 to give it a miniature effect look. The glass for the office window is thick and heavily tinted. So there are some reflections and distortion. (PS: I missed Day 3)
Thanks Bob. Fully zoomed in on the X10 and touching the lens against the window to try to minimize the reflection.
I like the patch of sunlight illuminating parts of the city - I think effort #4 (or #5 :)) is working for you.
I see what for me is an alien landscape, like a city portrayed in a sci-fi movie. Interesting to see how the centre so overwhelms the surroundings, particularly as I worked with people from Houston in the oil industry in the Middle East in the 1970's. I don't think that's a place for me, I like my civilisation on a smaller scale, but good to see.

Maybe something's wrong with me but I don't really see the miniature effect... but nice shot nonetheless! I like the blue patch in the sky and the sunlight falling on the ground beneath it
Nice view and that's cool to know how you managed this one, Armando. What a sprawling metropolis! I see what Barrie means about the scifi's almost as though we're going to have a Close Encounter. That patch of blue sky was there just at the right time and add a whole bunch to this image for me - plus it gives it more of a three dimensional feeling.

It would be interesting to see all your different photos of this scene lined up next to each other, I'd think.
Sure is a nicer view than I used to have of Huston, as an OTR truck driver. Huston was my last trip. I retired. I like the rendering that you have given us.
Nice shot of the city. Like the light and wonder what it would look like in B&W.

If that was my view, I'd be working all day every day..... now wait a minute!

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