SIJ - Day 5

SIJ - Day 5

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In memoriam J. N. A. Wylie, my brother and eldest sibling, who "crossed the bar" very early this morning - and very suddenly. I took some time outside with my faithful companion as the sun was coming up over the mountains.

I debated about posting this, but decided to. What you can't see, because my iPhone doesn't have any reach, are the two Bald Eagles who were playing in the air as they disappeared over the mountains down stream.

Not sure that I'll be able to keep up with the SIJ, we'll see how it goes.

Keep up the great work everyone.
BB, Hard times, but as time goes by, you and others will reminisce, over things shared, or he did, that left an indelible memory. Lost my brother over a year ago. and it's surprising how often lately, that something comes up, that he said or did. And it brings a cheerfulness to us. And that cannot be taken away. Thank you, for sharing your alone time with us.
Our love and prayers,
Sorry for your loss. Embrace family and friends, that helped me immensely when my mother passed away just over a year ago. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Another fantastic image btw.
Thinking of you and your brother BB. A lovely tribute that is so much in your style.
a beautiful shot, BB. I'm sure that your brother would love it. I'm sending peaceful, healing thoughts your way

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