SIJ - Day 5

SIJ - Day 5

When your daughter flies to the other side of the world, you're awfully glad to see her back home again. Having just returned from Japan, they were exhausted but happy. I'm happy, too. ;-)

Fuji X10
love the color, I am hoping I am going to Japan this year for a project. I love Tokyo.
Welcome home K and BF! K has great taste in guys. He's Asian!! :)

ps: I am not biased.
Once again a nice portrait BB. I think your daughter needs to start charging her Mum to model for her....oh wait a second I assume you funded her trip to Japan so I agree it's the least she can do :wink: Glad she's home safe and sound....with tall tales and excellent gifts from the land where serious compacts are born...

You really are nailing that colour rendering BB. It is becoming your signature style.
These shots are hard to catch. Everything and everyone is moving too fast. No time for setup. Nice grab shot. Her face in the focus point.
This is an excellent example of a great candid. I just absolutely love the color processing, it works great.
I'm sending the other half off to Japan next week, camera in hand. I'll be here, doing dishes, walking the dog, going to work...

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