SIJ - Day 6
[B]Portrait of two constant companions[/B]

Not much opportunity in the way of photo making today. Was overcast and a little cool so we hit the paddocks for some "hard yakka". Half they day hitting weeds (that will be the subject of another SiJ image) and the other half mowing, and mowing and mowing.

Got back to the house exhausted. But I thought before hitting the showers...after which I'm uselessly tired. I thought I'd make an image of my trusty boots. They were my constant companions today and have been for a few years now! Been through a lot with me they have, and are still as good as day one!...well more comfy now that they're worn in.

They look like they have taken care of you for a long time, a fitting tribute, nice tone
I have a soft spot for my numerous pairs of boots also. Nothing wrong with immortalising them on the net :love:.
nice shot, the colours reflect their hard-working, utilitarian attitude. They look great for boots that've been used roughly for several years!
Since retiring in 2000 I've worn lace up footware as little as possible but can relate to your 'companions' in a nice casual pose.
You're a hard worker, Mark.

I do like the underplay of color here very much..not realistic and yet, it feels very real. Nice interplay of textures. I bet you were ready for a cold one after that day.:drinks:

I, too, enjoy your story telling very much. Keep it up...I feel a book coming on.

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